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PT. ISG International is a Jakarta based Trading House dealing in soft commodity such as spices, natural gum and resins. The company was set up in 2003 with a view of harness opportunities both in inward and outward trade from Indonesia. Since its inception, the unit has chosen to focus on niche product areas where Indonesia has inherent competitive advantages; namely agro-commodities. Over the years, PT. ISG International has built up a solid sourcing and marketing network across Indonesia and also has experience in processing, storage and handling of natural products.

ISG International trade in agro-commodities such as spices and gums is fraught with potential risks. Products have to be shipped long distances and buyers can not come and inspect each shipment. The international trader therefore plays a critical role in handling these business risks.

Experienced traders have a good understanding of buyer needs as well as supply environment limitations. They also possess the necessary infrastructure to manage the conflicting requirements of both ends. PT. ISG International offers more than just experience and reliability as an International Trading House. We consider ourselves an extension of your organization, rather than an outside entity.





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